• Clients may choose from any meals on the menu. Subscription clients please see Our Menus > Subscriptions

  • Please order by 2PM on THURSDAYS for delivery the following Sunday. Same day delivery is not available at this time. Freshness is our focus!


  • A minimum order of 5 meals is required. We do not suggest ordering more than five days worth of food per person at one time, for freshness’ sake.


  • Delivery up to 15 miles away is $5. Past this distance will incur a $5 trip charge per delivery per 10 miles beyond that distance. Our zipcode is Houston, TX 77083.


  •  Please make us  aware of food allergies or foods you avoid upfront so that we do not prepare something you cannot/do not eat.​


  •   If you are dissatisfied with all/some of your meals, we offer an 80% refund per meal if we are notified within 48 hours of delivery. We will check on you within 24 hours of delivery


If you have severe food allergies, we do not recommend that you use Foster Foods as we cannot guarantee that your food will not come into contact with common allergens. Foster Foods is not liable for allergic reactions to foods delivered.



  • Individual Meals: $10 each, plus $5 delivery fee. (Five meal minimum).

  • Vegetarian Meals are $8, plus delivery fee.

  • Teacher, Military, and Police Officer Discount: $9 Each, plus $5 delivery fee. (Five meal minimum)

  • Family Style Meals: $9 per non-seafood serving (chicken, pork, beef, etc) $10 per seafood serving, plus $5 delivery fee.

                                                              PAYMENT OPTIONS:

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